Song of the Wolf-Folk

Sept. 19, 2014

Hunters under watchful sky
Swift on paws, like birds they fly,
Through the forest, silent as death,
Chasing memories of those who left.

Teeth flash.  Blood red.
Carry life home to those in wait,
Mother and children and elder,
Those who depend on warriors brave.

We sing to the Queen of Night
Who shines down on us, gives us sight.
Gather all ye who hear our plea,
“Great Wolf grant us liberty.”

In the Shadow

Sept. 19, 2014

An old Man lived
In the shadow of the Mountain.
The Sun could not touch the shadow,
Nor could the Mountain touch the Sun.
The old Man tried to touch the Sun,
But the Shadow stopped him.

Stopped by the Mountain,
The Sun could not reach the Man.
The Shadow lived in the Mountain,
Untouched by the Sun.
The Mountain touched the Man,
And the Man lived in the Mountain.
In the Shadows.

never ending

Sept. 19, 2014

things happen.
things that aren’t my fault
bring me here.

snapshots of a former life.

a corpse as white as maggot’s breath.

wedding bells ringing like the songs of spring.

soldiers cleave a silver path.

prisoners squatting in their bird cages.

memories of a bygone age.

pyramids with golden skins.

monoliths built for human gods,
temples built for metal ones.

and I always find myself
running through the woods.

how i hurt

May 2, 2015

i fell to Hell and screamed for you.
could you hear me
calling through the door?

i painted hurt in red and you cry
because i’m marked.

save me from the shattered mirror.


May 13, 2015

Look into the tinted windows.

Can you see the captive audience?


May 27, 2015

i break peacefully
across a tiled canvas
splashed in dirty red,
scraped with a razor’s edge
to a guilty perfection.

is it art or something more?


Oct. 5, 2015

Do you still feed the monster with your blood,
crimson blood that washes, flows at your bidding?
He with the claws and fangs, at the very end dirtied,
sits atop the world, the jailor of the dead.
The monster wins the dreamless dawn, your mind cleansed
of imagination.  Tangible thoughts linger, secretly watched by
infernal eyes.

i don’t think i failed you

Jan 12, 2016

Things happened in your life
my life,
happen in our lives,
that you weren’t, we weren’t
I wasn’t there for.