Spirit Wars Blurb

These blurbs are from one of the many stories I’m working on.  Spirit Wars basically is my codename for a series I have never been able to fully contain.  I know every character, the entire timeline and genealogy, but most of the stories will never seem connected unless you read one specific part of one or one of the stories.  Otherwise, they all look like individual novels.

Even among us she was somewhat of an outsider, a loner.  Most of us came from the classic line of work.  Rescues, “Behold”s, and the like.  She was different, almost like another breed.  I guess she technically was.
She was only the second of her kind to come here.  They were taking a real risk letting another one of them come down, but He knows what He’s doing.  At first, I planned to stay away from her.  Someone like me friends with someone like her?  It had demon written all over it.
I never bet on falling in love.


I think she liked me from the start, even though she told me I was obnoxious.  We’ve known one another since we were children.  I used to follow her around, quoting lines from Shakespeare just to get a reaction.  I don’t remember what I said, but it made her laugh, and my heart melted.
Ah, it was a doomed love.  I could tell she never felt for me what I felt for her (it also didn’t help that I was fighting my brother for her love, not that he did any better than I).  I somehow always knew that Zach would be the one.  They had this bond, as if there were things about them only the other could relate to.  He was so sick, and she so fragile despite what she was.  He has her heart now and even though he hurts her so much, I know she will never stop loving him.  And I will never stop loving her.

-Richard (Harry)

The demons have a name for her.  They call her the Banshee, because of her scream.  To us it sounds like the most beautiful and uplifting of songs.  A battle cry.  To them it is the sound of Death, eternal obliteration.  Many a demon has fallen beneath her blade, and many have run from her fury.  You’ve heard of the Angel of Death, right?  There’s the kind who’s sweet and gentle, who help souls on their journey to Heaven.
And then there’s her kind.
We like to call them AMDs, Angels of Mass Destruction.  They’re the ones sent to level Sodom and Gomorrah, who killed the firstborn of every house in the land of Egypt.  They’re the ones the demons fear and hate, not as much as our King, but on the battlefield she is a queen.  Her primary function is to kill as many demons as possible.  She is a machine bred for the destruction of all Evil.  Our most powerful weapon, yet, if she should Fall, our destruction.