Here at WeTheDreamingDesigns, I make any bookmark I can think of.  Magnetic, regular, or watercolor.  If I can squeeze the design into a format and make it look good, it happens.

As a die-hard fan of series that literally have no reputation in the bookmerch and bookmark community, I’ve decided to primarily focus on those series.  I have found that there are so many people out there that feel the same way I do about series like Warriors by Erin Hunter or The Inheritance Cycle by Christopher Paolini.  Jackaby, a huge favorite of mine, has nothing out there.  So I made a choice.

I will include bookmarks from popular series like Throne of Glass and Six of Crows, but they are no where on a priority list.  Instead, how about Toothless from How to Train Your Dragon (the movie edition because he’s cuter) or sassy, sexy Morpheus from Splintered?



If you are a fan of the unknown series or the underappreciated, I am trying my hardest to represent those fandoms we love and cherish most, though I won’t deny a need for me to draw some Harry Potter or Throne of Glass every now and then.



All bookmarks are hand drawn, digitally drawn, hand cut and hand laminated.  They are not the perfect edges of fancier bookmarks.  They may have some dips and odd edges, but they are made with love for the person who needs merchandise of their favorite fandom.