About Me

My name is Annie.  I’m a bookwyrm in truth and at heart.  I have been an avid reader/writer/drawer since I was around 6-8 years old and am determined to one day write a book.  Oh, and graduate from college.  One day…before I die of old age…

I’m married to an awesome man who puts up with me and feeds me.  He may or may not be a Power Ranger.  I’m not at liberty to say.  Secret identity and all that jazz.23213314_1066970630072743_4128034386761315411_o

Josh (aka Husband-Person)

We’ve been married since 2016 and it’s been one hell of a journey, but it’s been totally worth it.  Knowing Josh has changed me and made me reevaluate myself and my beliefs, and it’s been fun.  Scary, but I feel like I’m becoming myself finally.

I have two cats: a floof dragon and a potato.

Catherine on the left (aka Floof Dragon) and Cheetara on the right (the potato or Cheetato)

They are needy and Cheetara’s intellect is questionable at best, but they definitely brighten my days and I love my fur babies.  Josh and I want to have as many fur babies as we can afford and love one day.

I was born in the ’90s, am an only child, and sarcastic.  I was homeschooled/went to a homeschool academy, like learning about the Greeks, Romans, and King Arthur, and taught myself coding and taxidermy.  I have a stuffed hummingbird to prove it.

I don’t know why you’re wasting your time reading this, but as a prize for you getting this far, here is my ultimate, favorite photo of all time.