My Year in Books

It’s the end of the year and while there are still a few more books I hope to read before the year is officially over, here’s how my reading year went.

year in books 1

myib 2


My goal for the year was 50 books.  I read 112 which comprised of short stories, manga, comics, novels, and giant bricks.

Favorite New Book

81bL0PJmdHLAfter a lot of thought, I come to my conclusion.  Mistborn by Brandon Sanderson is a masterpiece.

five stars

The plot was so intricate that while I guessed many of the things to come, the sheer depth and subtleties astounded me.  I hope whenever I write my own books that I can achieve a fraction of what Sanderson did in this.

The characters were real.  They had feelings, motivations, characteristics, personalities.  Everyone was unique and individual–including secondary, tertiary, and villain characters.

All the stars for this one.

Least Favorite New Book


I understand Jude and Carden can be argued as “antiheroes,” but I so disagree.  Anti-hero means they have to have some form of a redeeming quality.  Carden has none, and Jude is stupid.

I can say with no hesitation, that I hate this book.  It makes my soul twist just thinking about it.  A toxic relationship like Carden and Jude should NOT be overlooked for the sake of what may be an interesting plot or a world.

I gave this book zero stars because it does not deserve a rating.  I am still puzzled over how a publishing company thought this was an OK story to publish.


Favorite New Series

All the love goes to these books.  Sky in the Deep by Adrienne Young, The Lady Janies by Cynthia Hand, Brodi Ashton, and Jodi Meadows.  The Ancient Magus’ Bride by Yamazaki Kore. Mistborn by Brandon Sanderson.  The Axis Trilogy by Sara Douglass.

Favorite Continued Series


You don’t even know how obsessed I am with these books.  I want posters of each character with detailed drawings of their homelands.  I need mini plushies of the dragons.  I need maps, bookmarks, banners. ALL OF THE STUFF.  And there’s, like, nothing.

I lie.  There’s a freaking huge fanbase that will eat people alive.  This series, like Warriors, sticks out because of the enormous community of all ages.  I love that!  I love how Scholastic has approved, safe forums for teens and children to talk on about the series and roleplay their own characters.

Tui Sutherland has magical powers in how she makes this world.  Compelling characters, real-life issues so seamlessly mixed in, complex world and well-done worldbuilding.  All of it is A++.


How did you reading year go?  Did you meet your goal?  Did you find some new favorites?


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  1. i am glad you had a great reading year!

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