Series Review The Ancient Magus’ Bride Volumes 3-8



Solid 3.5/3.74 star read.

This review applies to most of my current Ancient Magus’ Bride reads, so prepare for a copy and paste to each.

While the story started off with a lot of explanation to the world and the magic, this series has delved into the confusion of itself, whether that be due to the story writing styles of Japan or translations, as this is a feature I notice in many manga.

There is an emphasis on unnamed issues, feelings, and peoples which can leave the reader confused and distanced from the characters, causing a rift between the reader and the story in that they are too confused and puzzled to delve into the world itself. The constant struggle to cure or keep Chise safe has, at this point, grown redundant. As much as I’m loving the story, I’m at a loss as to how we’ve made it as far as we have because it feels like nothing has happened. The big bad villain–if he indeed even is one–has been scarce, conflict is based around TV show-styled action and plot, making each book both stand on its own as well as give enough tidbits to the overarching plot to make the reader curious.

I’ll keep reading, but I’m worried that the story is going to be dragged out and become redundant and pointless.



The main reason why I gave this book 5 stars is because of the amount of great lessons and ideas in this book. The author was able to use their platform of storytelling to talk about issues such as abuse, depression, drug abuse, abandonment, and people being cruddy and dealing with their bad choices and the choices of others.

I feel like the usage of these topics as well as the continuation of the story helped build the characters up a bit more and grow them into more interesting, multi-faceted people.

The story progressed more and gave backstory for characters we met previously, allowing those people to grow on us, for good or ill.

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